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Cuteness overload!..go harper!

Cuteness overload!..go harper!


I miss this cute couple…..

Hiatus is killing me softly….

I miss this cute couple…..

Hiatus is killing me softly….

We’ll meet again,
Don’t know where,don’t know when,
But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day. 

This is probably the continuation of that episode 9, until s7. Beckett will be 3xk’s beloved target!….

I was thinking of 3xk… I recalled the episode 9, that was left hanging. A song played “until we meet again”…gosh!might some have connection with Castle’s car accident.

What i want for S7 is something like this…

Kate is left all alone, all she knew Rick died on that car accident and then a surprise will blow her up, she’s pregnant with Rick’s child. She doesn’t know how to react on the situation, all she thinks, she’s going to be a single mom. But all of a sudden, Rick is back!.

they’re so cute 


It was supposed to be our perfect day, and now it’s just… falling apart.

this pix, literally breaks my heart :((


Oh mygawd!…

Now they’re even, Kate now knows how it feels seeing the one you love had gone….(i do believe in happy ending) you rock it AM.